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PSPCA Investigating Gruesome Discovery In North Philadelphia

By Dan Wing and Elizabeth Hur

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) --- The Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is investigating a disturbing discovery made in North Philadelphia Sunday. That's where the mutilated remains of an animal were found.

The PSPCA says the remains were found in an empty lot near 30th and Jefferson Streets.

Authorities say a resident discovered the remains and called 911 immediately. When police arrived, they contacted the SPCA to figure out exactly what was dumped in the lot.

The animal was so badly mutilated, investigators were unable to determine what type of animal it was, as the animal's skin, paws and ears had all been removed.

"We now at the time believe that the animal is a feline of some type," said George Bengal, PSPCA Director of Law Enforcement, "a larger feline such as an ocelot, possibly a bobcat."

The deceased animal, believed to be shot and killed some time Sunday morning, was taken back to the PSPCA's Philadelphia headquarters for further investigation by a forensic veterinary team.

"Was it a pet? You know, was it an animal that was hunted and then brought home and skinned at that point, and then just dumped? Was it a ritualistic sacrifice? I mean, it could be any of these things," Bengal said in a press conference.

Investigators believe they found the weapons used to mutilate the animal wrapped in a blanket not far from where the remains were found. The evidence left at the scene includes gloves and surgical instruments.

The investigation into the disturbing incident is ongoing, and anyone with information should contact the Pennsylvania SPCA.

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