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15 Arrested As Protesters With Occupy Philadelphia Take Aim At Police Brutality

Robin Rieger reports...

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Fifteen members of the Occupy Philadelphia protest were arrested on Sunday after blocking traffic near the police administration building.

Civil affairs officers described the arrests as a minor glitch in what has otherwise been a smooth relationship between protesters and police.

A splinter group of about 100 people marched to police headquarters as part of Saturday's "national day of awareness about police brutality."

"The Philadelphia police department like other police forces in New York City, in Boston, in Los Angeles and around the country act as the vanguard of the one percent,"  said one  protester.

Occupy Philadelphia put their statement on its Facebook page with the disclaimer that they did not speak for the Occupy Philadelphia General Assembly or the group overall.

Most of the group had returned to Dilworth plaza by noon on Sunday, but 15 people refused to leave and were arrested and charged with obstructing the highway, a misdemeanor.

Police say the group included nine men, five women and one transgendered person.

Reported by Pat Loeb, KYW Newsradio.

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