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Prosecution Expected To Rest In Traffic Court Ticket-Fixing Trial

By Tony Hanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) --- The prosecution is expected to rest later today in the trial of six former Philadelphia Traffic Court judges who allegedly fixed tickets (See previous story).

The defendants have pleaded not guilty, and the final civilian witness last week was family.

During questioning by prosecutor Anthony Wzorek, witness Angelo Harmon testified his sons got tickets riding their new dirt bikes. Harmon says he then turned to his cousin, former judge Willie Singletary.

(Prosecutor Anthony Wzorek:) "Did you ever ask for any kind of preferential treatment from your cousin?"

(Witness Angelo Harmon:) "No."

(Wzorek:) "Would you want him to give you preferential treatment?"

(Harmon:) "Of course, he's my cousin."

Harmon said the cases were thrown out by his cousin, Judge Singletary.

Defense attorney William J. Brennan followed with questions of his own.

(Brennan:) "He never made you any promises, correct?"

(Harmon:) "No."

(Brennan:) "Never told you don't bother coming to court, these'll go away, disappear, I'll fix them, correct?"

(Harmon:) "Never talked to him before."

(Brennan:) "Never asked you for a dime, a penny, correct?"

(Harmon:) "No."

(Brennan:) "A favor even, never asked you for nothing, right?"

(Harmon:) "No."

It's not known yet if any of the defendants will testify.

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