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Promotion Not Given To 'Not My Job' Employees

By Amy E. Feldman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - A new study by found the three words that will get you passed over for a promotion. polled employers to determine the reasons that employees don't get the promotion they want. A surprising 71 percent of employers said they didn't give promotions to employees who would say "not my job".

But what if it isn't your job? Doesn't an employer have a legal obligation to judge you on the duties in your job description? Nope.

A job description is a helpful tool for employers and employees to understand expectations - but there's no law that requires employers to give one, or even to stick to one in cases where employees do have a job description. Instead, employers are free to judge employees not just on the duties they perform but on their attitude when asked to do other things.

So instead of saying, "Not my job", try three other words, "Can I help?" see where that gets you.

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