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Professional Athlete Shares Inspiring Story Of His 2 Major Comebacks

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- He was a two-time state lacrosse champion at Ridley High School. He was a two- time all American at Maryland. And he played for the Philadelphia Wings in Major League Lacrosse.

His name is Bill McGlone.

"I felt pains on my right side. I couldn't run. I had my girlfriend drive my car when we would go down the shore because I couldn't even put my right foot down on the gas pedal to drive. But shortly after that, I got an MRI , the doctor comes back and says, 'You have a large mass on your left frontal lobe.'"

McGlone was diagnosed with Neurosarcoidosis, a rare condition causing inflammation of the brain. A craniectomy followed, which meant removing a large chunk of his skull.

Following the surgery, it was a long road back.

"I woke up paralyzed on the right side. That's when fear started to sneak in a little bit."

McGlone would relearn to walk and function almost as well as he had prior to the surgery, but as he says, this wasn't even the toughest comeback he's had to make.

"When I go through the whole process at Bryn Mawr Rehab, and the hospital and stuff, I relied heavily on my past experience of going through my addiction and getting over that. That was the toughest thing I ever had to go through."

Prior to his medical condition, McGlone overcame an opioid addiction brought on by several serious injuries while playing Major League Lacrosse, but after all the issues, McGlone was inducted into the Pennsylvania Lacrosse Hall of Fame.

"It was an amazing honor. It's beyond words, I can't really describe it."

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