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Kids spend Presidents' Day learning at National Constitution Center in Philadelphia

Kids spend Presidents' Day learning at National Constitution Center
Kids spend Presidents' Day learning at National Constitution Center 01:54

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- On Monday, the National Constitution Center offered free admission in observance of Presidents Day. As part of special programming, costumed presidential reenactors greeted guests in the lobby, engaging them in conversations. 

Third grader Max Koch, from Long Island, had a chance to chat with Abraham Lincoln.

"Why do you wear a tall hat?" Koch asked Lincoln. The 16th president of the United States told Koch that on hot days, he can fill it with water for his horse.

"If you're kind to your horse, he'll take you home no matter what condition you're in," the actor portraying Lincoln told Koch.

The National Constitution Center was the second stop of the day for Koch and his family, who also visited the Liberty Bell.

"It's cool to learn new facts," Koch said. "It's helpful in school if you learn history."

In the museum's auditorium, actors portraying Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson and Teddy Roosevelt spoke on a panel, taking history-related questions. They then judged a presidential costume contest. For elementary student Kamrin Capaldi, even picking out the costume was a learning experience.

"I was trying to pick Martin Luther King, but I realized he wasn't a president, so I picked Barack Obama," Capaldi said.

Capaldi loved hearing from the panel of presidents.

Kamrin Capaldi dressed up as former President Barack Obama.  Eva Andersen

"It was like they came out of their grave," Capaldi said.

The museum also had a real City of Philadelphia voting machine set up so kids could practice voting. Zoey Koshinski, 13, practiced casting a ballot. Even though it's a few years before she can actually vote, she believes it is important to learn.

"Because then you can prepare for what you have to do," Koshinski said.

The museum's associate vice president of museum experience, Jenna Kehres, said the day is one the center looks forward to every year.

"Lots of families are coming, lots of community centers because it's a day off of school," Kehres said. "It's always one of our favorite holidays in the middle of winter to have this kind of bright spot."

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