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President Of Philadelphia Marketing Agency Finds Internships To Be Crucial

Education begins in the classroom but continues throughout one's whole career. A degree in your chosen field is your first priority, but a key to landing that job is a good internship. And what could be more beneficial than dipping your toes into the world of mobile? Everything is handheld in this day and age and mobile marketing is a booming enterprise in Philly and beyond.

(Photo Courtesy of Bob Bentz)

Bob Bentz, president of mobile marketing agency ATS Mobile, feels one of the most important attributes to finding a good employee is their ability to work well with their co-workers. Internships will help you learn positive work relations and provide you with a first look into the inner workings of a company.

What is your background in management?

"I am the president of ATS Mobile – a mobile first digital marketing agency based in King of Prussia, but with international offices in Toronto, London and Prague. The company has been in business for 25 years."

After graduation, how hard was it to transition to the actual working world?

"Probably not as hard for me since I went to graduate school and was working in advertising sales while going to grad school. I had a full-time job and was a full-time student, so I don't remember sleeping much."

How has your education fueled your management success?

"I often think it's not just what you learn in the classroom, but what you learn out of it that is one of the biggest contributing factors to future success."

What advice would you give someone coming out of college right now and looking for a career in business management?

"Internships. For managers, I could care less what your GPA was. Your ability to work well with other people can only be measured by a future employer if you've done internship work in a related field to your future job endeavors."

Christina Thompson is a freelance writer living in Philadelphia. Her work can be found at

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