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President Biden Considers Declaring National Climate Emergency As Temperatures Soar Across United States, White House Says

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- With temperatures soaring in our area and other parts of the country, the White House said President Biden is considering declaring a national climate emergency. That declaration would free up funding to help fight climate change.

This comes as millions at home and countries abroad bake under this record-breaking heat.

More than 12 million Americans now live in regions covered by excessive heat advisories as temperatures approach or exceed triple-digits in some areas.

"This is not your parents' or grandparents' weather, this is new weather that we're experiencing because of climate change," John Abraham, a climate scientist, said.

A similar heat wave is also baking much of Europe.

In England, the temperatures topped 104 degrees Tuesday, nearly three degrees above the UK's previous all-time high.

The average high temperature In England is normally in the mid-70s in July.

"We weren't expecting this from London," Beau Ward, a tourist, said.

The extreme weather has prompted renewed calls for government action on climate change.

President Biden will be in Massachusetts today to visit a former coal plant that's now making parts for offshore windmills.

The White House said the president is weighing the idea of declaring a climate emergency.

"I will not plan an announcement this week on national climate emergency," Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House Press Secretary, said. "Again, everything is on the table, it's just not going to be this week on that decision."

An emergency declaration would allow federal funds to be spent to address global warming.

"The Pentagon has noted, not just in this administration, but even in the previous one, that climate change is a national security issue," John Kirby, the NSC coordinator for strategic communications, said.

President Biden's expected announcements on climate change Wednesday comes after Democratic West Virginia senator Joe Manchin said last week he would not support any legislation that includes spending on clean energy.

And get this, the National Weather Service says it believes more than 60 new record highs will be set across 20 states by the end of the week.

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