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Power Outage At Six Flags Strands Riders

JACKSON TOWNSHIP, N.J. (AP) — A power outage at a New Jersey amusement park left some patrons briefly stuck on rides, but no injuries were reported.

Officials say a faulty transformer caused Sunday's outage at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson Township.

Park spokeswoman Kaitlyn Turi says all guests who were on rides when the outage happened were safely unloaded within 20 minutes. She said all rides at the park are designed with computer systems that provide safe locations for rides to stop, and ride operators are trained to help guests safely disembark.

Power was restored to portions of the park a short time after, and following a safety check some rides resumed normal operations. The specific rides affected by the outage were not immediately disclosed.

In August, the Nitro roller coaster at Great Adventure lost power partway up its 233-foot peak, forcing riders to walk down along the tracks to the ground.

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