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Pothole Season Is Worse Than Usual This Year, PennDOT Says

By Lynne Adkins

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Driving the roads these days takes some extra effort to avoid all those potholes.

It's going to a bad pothole season, worse than last year, according to PennDOT spokesman Gene Blaum. He says the cause is a wet winter with freezing temperatures at night, then thawing during the day.

"It doesn't have to be a lot of snow during the winter time," Blaum said. "It's once you get that type of significant amount of precipitation in conjunction with the thawing and the freezing due to the temperatures when you're going below 32 at night and going up to the mid to high 30's during the day."

PennDOT spends $2-million a year fixing potholes and roadway patching. If you want to report a pothole call 1-800-FIX ROAD. City and township roads are not under PennDOT's jurisdiction.

"If you're not sure, just call that number and we'll take the information and forwarded it to the appropriate authorities."

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