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Postal Workers Dealing With Arctic Blast

RIDLEY PARK, Pa. (CBS) -- This Arctic blast is tough on those who work outside, especially postal workers.

CBS 3's Joe Holden spent the day with Nancy Benson, a United States Postal Service worker for the past 31 years, as she spent the day carrying mail in Ridley Park in Delaware County.

"I kind of call it my gym time, like exercise – fresh air, keep me from being sick closed in a building," Benson said.

Benson is a staple on the streets. While some customers are new, most have known her for decades.

Benson takes the weather in stride as she's bundled in four layers. She doesn't miss the old Post Office Jeeps since they didn't have heat in them.

"These big things now that hold all our packages, they have heat, so that's nice," she said.

Even though it's bitterly cold, she dreads the summer and those cold, rainy days.

"Feeling a little old on the rainy, cold days, when it's in the 20s and 30s," Benson said. "That's the cold days when I say, 'How many more winters can I take?'"

While on the beat, Benson stays sharp, counting which homes receive the most Christmas cards. Thursday's winner had seven.

"Maybe sometime I'll win the Christmas cards," Benson said. "I don't count bills, just Christmas cards."

Benson makes the best of the biting wind and bitter cold.

"No place like home for the holidays," she said.

The Delaware Valley will see highs in only the 20s Thursday and Friday.

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