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Possible Lead In Manhunt For Suspected Trooper Killer Eric Frein

By Molly Daly, Cleve Bryan

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Governor Tom Corbett and Pennsylvania State Police officials held a news conference Saturday on the manhunt for suspected cop killer Eric Frein to discuss new developments.

"Everybody has one mission and that one mission is to apprehend this individual," Corbett said.

In the six weeks since the search started for Frein, there have been numerous sightings that haven't panned out. But State Police Lt. Colonel George Bivens said one has prompted them to shift their search area:

"Just this past night (Friday), we had a sighting for which we are assigning a high level of credibility. It was reported in the area of the Pocono Mountain East High School. The individual's description is consistent with Frein, and he was observed carrying a rifle."

Bivens said it's an area Frein knows well -- he went to that high school, and worked nearby.

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And according to Bivens, on Thursday, homeowners at two properties reported finding blood on their enclosed back porches.

"We're still doing some testing," he said. "There have been samples that have been collected. Lab analysis is under way whether it is related to this investigation or not."

Those results are expected at some point over the weekend. In the meantime, police are hoping the end to the manhunt is fast approaching:

"I think we kept a tremendous amount of pressure on him," Bivens said. "I think that had some barring on where he's out now, assuming that is him."

Authorities estimate the search has easily cost $7-million while absorbing countless hours.

"I know that this has been trying on everybody," Corbett said, "but I want to assure them that law enforcement is doing everything we can do bring this to a close as quickly as we can."

Police will have a heavy presence in the area of Pocono Mountain East High School to protect students and staff, but no word yet if there will be a closure.

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