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Positively Philadelphia: Young Artists Transforming Local Neighborhoods

By Lauren Lipton

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. (CBS) -- Germantown is emerging as one of the newest hot spots for artists.

"We look carefully at how artists are working in the context of each unique neighborhood, and we see Germantown emerging as a real showcase in the arts and culture scene," notes Ann Peltz, director of Philadelphia Open Studio Tours at the Center for Emerging Visual Artists.

"Artists are those urban pioneers that get into neighborhoods and make them what we as the general public come to know and love," she says.  "We've seen this happen in other places, like Kensington and Fishtown, using Frankford Avenue as that commercial corridor as a jumping-off point."

And artists are pouring in.

"We've noticed artists coming in droves," Peltz tells Positively Philadelphia.  "There's an entrepreneurial spirit in Philadelphia. There's space and affordability for artists to make their vision a reality."

Hear Lauren Lipton's extended interview with Ann Peltz in this CBS Philly podcast (runs 4:06)...


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