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Positively Philadelphia: The DoGooder Awards!

By Lauren Lipton

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The first-ever Philly DoGooder Awards will be given out later this month.  The awards are a chance for small nonprofit organizations to strut their stuff on video -- and get some real help in the process.

"We did a 'hackathon,' where we paired filmmakers and  small nonprofits," says David Gloss, cofounder with Kevin Colahan of creative agency Here's My Chance.  "They had ten days to shoot, edit, and submit their films.  Over 100,000 Philadelphians have showed up to participate in the voting."

And now, says Gloss, he and Colahan are on a mission.

"We really wanted to champion the power of skilled volunteering.   A lot of organizations out there think they need money.  That's not really the case.  Sometimes they just need, like, an accountant who's gonna show up and be part of their community and help out."

(David Gloss and Kevin Colahan. Photo provided)


The help also comes from them and from many local corporate partners who, Gloss says, use the awards show to target their assistance:

"What are your accounting needs?  What are your marketing needs?  What are your… et cetera?  And then the winners of the DoGooder Awards will actually get those needs met."

And why films?

"It was so you could share a video with a potential donor or volunteer for them to be, like, 'Oh, I like this organization.  I want to learn more about this organization. I want to help.' "

And, Gloss says, it's part of a bigger movement:  "Really helping Philadelphia become the center of excellence in social innovation, really championing the social entrepreneur."

Hear the extended interview in this CBS Philly podcast (runs 8:39)...

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And, for this week, that's "Positively Philadelphia!"

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