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Positively Philadelphia: Philly Theatre Week

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- From February 8th to February 18th we are in for a big treat.

"We are hosting Philadelphia's first Philly Theatre Week in February for 10 days to introduce audiences, residents and visitors to the great theatrical community we have here in our region," said Leigh Goldenberg, executive director of Theatre Philadelphia.

"We have all different kinds of work that people are putting out there, community events, musicals like Chicago," Goldenberg said, and then some things that really have never ever been seen before by an audience here in Philadelphia or at all, which we think is really exciting."

For example...

"We have an artist named Chris Davis who is producing two of his small solo shows at Tattooed Moms on South Street. another company called On the Rocks is doing a workshop reading," Goldenberg said. "We have Philadelphia Theatre Company, presenting Musical Thrones, a parody of fire and ice, parodying Game of Thrones."

Tickets are between $15 and $30, and some events are free. ​


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