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Positively Philadelphia: Jewelry Store Born In Philly Shining Bright

By Lauren Lipton

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - EnA Fine Jewelry is a company born in Philadelphia that has become known worldwide, and will soon be featured in a big movie coming out next year.

"Our jewelry's going to be featured in the 'Batman v. Superman' movie," says CEO, co-founder and designer Karen Moustafellos. "They contacted us and said, 'You know, we think your jewelry would be perfect for this.' So I don't think Amy Adams is wearing the jewelry, but a lot of the other supporting cast members and people that are going to be in a couple of these party scenes are wearing the jewelry."

Moustafellos says the company was started by her and her husband in 2006 after winning a business plan competition at the Temple Fox School of Business.

Women in Philadelphia wear her jewelry, as do some well-known celebrities.

"We're more interested in the professional women wearing our jewelry," Moustafellos says, "but Lady Gaga, Madonna, and Venus Williams are all celebrities that have EnA pieces. Venus Williams, we know, wears her spine earrings all of the time, and loves them."

She says some of her designer inspiration comes from the city:

"For example, the Waterworks is classic and modern at the same time and that's the way I look at our jewelry. But it is also the lifestyle, certain Philadelphia neighborhoods have so much charm and are so unique to Philadelphia."



And for this week, that's "Positively Philadelphia!"

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