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Positively Philadelphia: Beautifying An Eyesore

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- There is development going on all over the city, and while that's terrific, for the thousands of people who pass by unfinished construction sites day after day it's not always as pleasing.

For months now, people walking along the Avenue of the Arts across from the Kimmel Center have been looking at a big empty hole. Now they can look at something else.

"We have over 45 individual images that are 72 by 40 inches each mounted on the fence going from Spruce Street and around onto Broad Street down to the Broad Street Ministry."

Mark Campbell
Mark Campbell (credit: Lauren Lipton)

That's Mark Campbell, Dean of the College of Art, Media and Design for the University of the Arts, and along with Dranoff Properties, the developer, and Washington Square West decided to beautify the big hole and the chain link fence surrounding it.

"The photographs are from our current students, alumni and faculty. Our goal is to get art into the world. We want to get art into the neighborhoods, we want people to know that we're here, that we're part of the neighborhood and that we are good citizens."

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