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Pope Francis Stops Fiat At Phila. Airport To Bless Boy In Wheelchair

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Soon after landing at Philadelphia International Airport and getting in his waiting Fiat, Pope Francis stopped the car to bless a child in a wheelchair on the tarmac.

The Pope was en route when he asked his driver to stop. He walked over to the young boy, kissed his head and blessed him.

Pope Francis Arrives In Philadelphia
Pope Francis sees a child, stops the vehicle, and then blesses the child. (credit: CBS 3)

The Keating family is left speechless after Pope Francis blesses Michael

Chuck Keating leads the Bishop Shanahan High School Band, which played for Pope Francis when he arrived at the airport.

As the pontiff was leaving the airport in his Fiat, he spotted Keating's 10 year-old son, Michael, who has cerebral palsy, and asked the driver to stop.

Keating says he was floored by what happened next.

"Just seeing him up close was amazing, and then when he came out and walked over, and gave my son a blessing....words can't describe it. I'm still trying to think about words that can come over..what I can say. It's just an unbelievable experience."

Michael's mother, Kristin, says, "Michael's had some struggles through his life and the fact that the Pope kissed him on the head and blessed him is something I never would have imagined possible for any of my children. I feel very fortunate and blessed that it happened."

His brother Chris adds, "There were so many things going through my head, like 'what is happening?' I'm still processing that whole moment."

chris keating
(credit: CBS 3)

Kristin says Michael, who was joined by both his sister and twin brother, smiled after being blessed.

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