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Poll: Voters In Both Parties Are Moving Away From Their Leadership's Positions

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- An Asbury Park polling company finds voters in both major political parties moving away from positions that their party leaders are taking. And its national poll shows they're not fretting about getting a wall built along the Mexican border.

The managing editor at Rasmussen Reports, Fran Coombs says 39 percent of Republican voters believe their fellow Republicans are becoming more conservative than their party's leadership.

Among Democrats, 35 percent say Democrats voters are becoming more liberal than their leaders.

"Voters are becoming increasingly disenchanted with their leaders in Washington," Coombs said.

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The Rasmussen survey found that as the GOP-controlled Senate fumbled the healthcare repeal, voters are now more likely to believe Republicans in Congress are a bigger problem for President Trump, than Democrats are.

Coombs says responding Republicans still "identify more with Mr. Trump than their representatives in Congress."

"Upwards of two-thirds of voters are saying that the guys in Washington are out of step," he said.

And about that proposed wall along the Mexican border? The latest Rasmussen Reports national survey finds 37 percent of likely voters still support it. That's down from 51 percent when candidate Donald Trump first proposed it in 2015.

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