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Poll: On Education, New Jerseyans Want It Both Ways

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - When it comes to funding New Jersey public schools, voters seem to want to have it both ways, according to a new poll.

With the state supreme court considering whether to order the Christie administration to up the ante for troubled districts in particular the new Quinnipiac poll offers an interesting, if not unexpected, take on the issue.

Poll director Maurice Carroll, "They say, quite heavily 60-36, that the state should spend more money on public schools, but they don't think that the state supreme court should order the state to do it."

Nor are they willing to pay higher taxes. Although the survey supports reinstitution of the so-called millionaires tax and opposes tax cuts for corporations.

And, perhaps surprisingly, two-thirds of respondents believe that increased spending is not the best way to improve schools across the state. Governor Chris Christie is on record as saying that any order to spend more on schools will force him to make what he calls "ugly choices" in his budget and he's even considering defying such an order.

Reported by David Madden, KYW Newsradio 1060

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