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Poll: 50 Percent Would Be Embarrassed By Trump As President

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- In a strange election cycle, an unusual poll on match ups and voter sentiment from Quinnipiac University.

While Hillary Clinton has high marks on experience, she and Donald Trump share similar marks on dishonesty; Clinton at 59 percent, Trump at 58.

Half of U.S. voters would be embarrassed with Trump as president, and 35 percent feel the same way about Clinton.

Head-to-head is the most interesting aspect of this survey. Nationally, Clinton 47 Trump 40.

Nationally, she is tied 44 to 44 with Ted Cruz, and she would narrowly defeat Marcio Rubio 44 to 43 percent

In the Republican race, Trump is narrowly ahead of ahead of Ted Cruz 28 to 24. With a margin of error 4 plus percent, that could be a dead heat.

All other Republicans are way back with Chris Christie at six percent.

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