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Poll: 21 Percent Of Americans Would Eat Bacon Every Day For Rest Of Their Lives

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- This Saturday is National Bacon Day!

With National Bacon Day coming up, National Today conducted a survey where researchers asked 1,000 Americans what they thought about one of the country's most popular breakfast food.

According to the survey, 21 percent of Americans say that if they had a choice, they would eat bacon every day for the rest of their lives. Sixteen percent of Americans asked said they couldn't live without bacon, while 18 percent say that bacon is their favorite food.

Only 4 percent of Americans asked in the survey don't like bacon.

What also came from the survey shows that one in five Americans agree that it's real bacon or no bacon at all and that 19 percent of bacon-eating Americans say that turkey bacon isn't real bacon.

Another 17 percent say the same thing when it comes to Canadian bacon while 21 percent flat out refuse to eat non-meat bacon at all.

Another question asked was how those involved in the survey liked their bacon cut, between thick-cut and thin-cut. Thirty-three percent said that they like thick-cut bacon better while the other 67 prefer say that they prefer thin-cut.

Lastly, those surveyed were asked how crispy did they prefer their bacon. Fifty-two percent of Americans said they like their bacon very crispy, while 31 percent say they don't like bacon that crispy, 8 percent like their bacon slightly cooked and the last 3 percent say they prefer their bacon charred.

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