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Political Focus Shifts To Philadelphia Before Ryan Visit

By Oren Liebermann

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - With less than three months until the elections, the focus has shifted to Pennsylvania, a critical swing state in November. And one day before Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan visits the area for the first time, Mayor Michael Nutter, along with South Carolina Democratic Congressman James Clyburn, hammered the Romney-Ryan ticket on education.

"While President Obama has worked to make quality affordable education available and accessible to all, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan's budget plan would in fact reverse that progress," said Mayor Nutter.

Congressman Clyburn says the Republicans will slash federal education dollars, forcing schools to increase class size and ultimately making it harder for people to get jobs.

"The foundation upon which people go to work is a good solid education," said Rep. Clyburn.

Romney has distanced himself from Ryan's austere budget plan that calls for cuts across the board. But Congressman Clyburn says the plans are one and the same, calling it the Romney-Ryan budget.

"Well, I don't remember Ryan saying those numbers will not be used," said Rep. Clyburn. "What I do remember is Romney saying that he believed in the Ryan plan. I remember that very clearly."

In recent weeks, this area has drawn politicians trying to drum up support before November. Michelle Obama visited the city earlier this month, while Mitt Romney campaigned in Delaware County in May, each party trying to guarantee victory, even if by the slimmest of margins in a swing state.

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