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Political Costumes Proving Popular, But One Trumps All Others

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- With Halloween just a few weeks away, it looks like the holiday has gone political. Controversial political costumes are proving to be very hot this year, but there's one that trumps all others.

"We'll see five, six, maybe seven-hundred of these out of our warehouse," Jonathan Weeks, owner of Costumeish, told KCAL in Los Angeles.

Whether it's a replica toupee or a rubber mask depicting his face, Donald Trump appears to the popular choice among trick-or-treaters.

From the Trump the wall builder costume to the toddler tycoon outfit, Weeks is capitalizing on the craziness of the presidential campaign.

"You'll see a lot of them trick-or-treating up and down the streets this year," he said.

There's even a Trump taco costume.

And for those who don't think a Trump costume helps make Halloween great again, they can always elect to wear a Hillary Clinton costume, including the "liar liar pantsuit on fire" costume that Weeks says is due out in a few days.

"We don't really choose which ones to make fun of, more or less," he said. "It's just kind of what the market determines."

So if you're debating what to be for Halloween this year, it appears that you can't go wrong with either candidate.

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