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Mother Killed, Son Injured After Getting Hit By SEPTA Bus In South Philadelphia

By Walt Hunter, Noel McLaren

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia Police say a 29-year-old mother, crossing the street with her eight-year-old son, was struck and killed by a SEPTA bus.

It happened at 7 p.m. Friday at 15th Street and Washington Avenue in South Philadelphia.

The mother has been identified by family members as 29-year-old Sheena White.

"You don't want to see your child leave this earth before you and when it's the other way around it's just terrible,"  says Ronald DeJesus – the victim's father.

Capt. Anthony Ginaldi says the child was taken to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia for treatment of cuts, scrapes and a possible concussion. He says the little boy tried to save his mother:

"He was trying to render aid to his mother and he was sitting there with his mother when they got here."

DeJesus  says telling his grandson that his mother couldn't be saved was one of the hardest things he's ever had to do.

Capt. Anthony Ginaldi says based on video from a camera in the bus, it was making a left turn from 15th Street onto Washington Avenue when the mother and child crossed in front, and she was struck and dragged under the bus.

As the community where White lived continues to grieve, DeJesus  says there's lots of questions:

"I know that they're doing their investigation. She had my grandson with her so I know she was suing precaution."

There were no passengers aboard at the time.

Police are conducting a full investigation.

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