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Philadelphia Police Looking For Man Wanted In Pattern Of Sexual Assaults In Kensington Neighborhood

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Philadelphia police are searching for a suspect wanted in connection to a pattern of sexual assaults in and near the city's Kensington neighborhood. Police say at least three women were sexually assaulted in Kensington in recent weeks.

In all three reported cases, the assaults happen in the early morning hours and the women gave police similar descriptions of the suspect.

"We have detectives working around the clock on it," Philadelphia Police Capt. James Kearny said.

The first incident happened on March 15, around Whitaker and Erie Avenues near St. Christopher's Hospital, around 5 a.m. Police say a 35-year-old woman was walking in the area of Whitaker and Erie Avenues when an unknown Black man driving a dark-colored car drove her to a remote area where he produced a handgun and sexually assaulted her.

The second incident took place on April 5, around 5:15 a.m. Police say a 28-year-old woman was leaving a convenience store at 3505 Kensington Avenue when she was approached by an unknown Black man in a dark grey Dodge Charger with a covered tag. The man forced the victim into his car, and drove to the area of 4000 Orchard Street where he sexually assaulted her before letting her out of the car on Torresdale Avenue.

The most recent assault happened on April 21 near Kensington Avenue and B Streets. A  29-year-old woman was in the area of Kensington Avenue and Huntingdon Street when she was approached by a Black man driving a silver sedan offering her a ride and she accepted. The suspect drove to the area of 2600 Kensington Avenue where he produced a handgun, forced the victim into the back seat of the vehicle and sexually assaulted her. He then robbed her of her iPhone 11 before dropping her off on Broad Street.

In all three incidents, police say the suspect was seen in a Dodge Charger, armed with a gun and demanded sex.

Police also say the three assaults happened in the early morning hours.

"He's preying on these women who we believe he feels is not going to report it. And we think some of them are not. So we need to change that," Kearny said.

Officers also released surveillance video of the suspect's car. It's a 2016-2020 charcoal gray Dodge Charger with tinted windows and distinct rims. But the vehicle's tag was covered.

suspect wanted pattern of sexual assaults
Credit: Philly police

So at this point, police need the public's help to identify the suspect. He's described as a Black man with a light complexion, heavyset, wearing all black clothing with a white fanny pack. The suspect is believed to be between the ages of 20 and 35.

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"We have a pattern going on here and we need more information. We need to talk to people and stop it from happening again," Kearny said.

The victims are in their 20s or 30s.

Police have collected what's believed to be the suspect's DNA from one of the cases.

Police believe there may be other victims out there.

Eyewitness News reached out to the WOAR Philadelphia Center Against Sexual Violence, and they say it's never too late to speak up.

"Being sexually assaulted is a trauma, it's a shock," WOAR Co-Executive Director Teresa White-Walston said. "If you don't report immediately, don't be upset about that. There will come a point hopefully where you feel a little bit stronger, I can reach out to somebody."

White-Walston says WOAR and police have resources to help survivors, but if you are not ready, seek medical treatment immediately.

CBS3's Wakisha Bailey, Matt Petrillo, and Kerri Corrado contributed to this report.

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