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Philadelphia Police Handle 'Active Shooter Situation' In Logan After Man Dies, Suspect In Custody

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A man is dead and another is in custody after a shooting in Philadelphia's Logan section on Friday. Philadelphia Police are in the early stages of their investigation, but the shooting caused panic inside a mixed-use building where people were working.

Crime scene tape blocked off part of Old York Road near Wagner Avenue in Logan after gunfire erupted inside the Logan Plaza Building just before 11:30 a.m. The man who died was an employee at the building in Logan Plaza.

"There was clearly a situation that people were afraid," Benjamin Naish, Philadelphia Deputy Commissioner of Investigations, said. "They didn't know what was going on and if they could be targeted."

Police say a man was killed after being shot in the head. Officers say the gunman did not work in the building but may have had a grudge against someone who did.

"It's pretty clear this person came to this building specifically and was going to commit whatever act he wanted to commit intent on harming people," Naish said.


Police also say once inside they were able to clear the first and second floors before finding the gunman on the third floor.

"He was armed with a weapon," Naish said. "They immediately took the individual into custody. He was arrested without further incident. Police did an amazing job of handling an active shooter situation exactly as trained, took him into custody."

Witnesses told Eyewitness News the shooting startled those working inside. As people rushed outside, some went down a fire escape from the fourth floor.

Police also say they recovered the shooter's gun, which appeared to be a homemade type of weapon.

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