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Police Investigating Anti-semitic Twitter Posts In South Jersey

By Cleve Bryan

LAKEWOOD TOWNSHIP, NJ (CBS) - Orthodox Jews in Lakewood Township are trying to turn the other cheek after a series of anti-Semitic Twitter posts aimed at their community.

"It was very disturbing but I didn't view it as a threat," says Mayor Albert Akerman.

Public officials and law enforcement became aware of the posts in mid-January.

In one Tweet a teenage girl from neighboring Jackson Township posted a picture dressed in a Nazi outfit.

There's another post with a picture of a water ice stand popular with Jews in Lakewood and it has the caption "perfect bombing time".

There are also Tweets from separate accounts saying things about running over or blowing up Jews in Lakewood.

"Even if it was a game or a joke it is concerning that this has become humorous to teenagers living in the community," says Avi Schnall, New Jersey director of Agudath Israel, an Orthodox advocacy organization.

The Ocean County Prosecutor's Office looked into the Tweets in mid-January.

A spokesperson says investigators determined there are no threats of actual harm and left discipline of any minors involved to parents and the school district.

The Jackson School District confirmed receiving a report about one of their students but won't comment on disciplinary actions.

Twitter user MaleiRikud brought public awareness to these Tweets and believes there's deep-seeded anti-semitism that influenced the young people involved.

"Whether it's people she grew up with or her parents- it comes from somewhere," he said in a phone interview with Eyewitness News after asking to keep his real name private.

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