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"I Was Shocked': Cabrini Student Reacts After Racial Slur Found On Dorm Room

RADNOR, Pa. (CBS) — Radnor police are investigating after a female student at Cabrini University reported a racial slur written on her residence hall door.

On Saturday night, Cabrini freshman Sennia Vann was returning from a family outing when she put her key into her dorm room door and saw the message "go away",  followed by a racial slur written in a bold black marker.

cabrini university racial slur
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"In that moment I stop and I kind of gather myself ... so that I handle the situation correctly," said Vann.

The university released a statement Sunday saying:

"The University is fully investigating this report and takes our student safety seriously. Cabrini does not tolerate any form of hate speech or racist language, and our priority remains to ensure our students feel safe and supported."

Police say the university removed the remarks from the door before police could take pictures.

Dozens of students, some who don't even know the young freshman, gathered and redecorated her dorm door, this time with positive and supportive messages.

"I cried. My faith was kind of restored in the student body I was reminded that everybody is not like the person who wrote on my door," said Vann.

While police are still trying to find the person responsible for the hateful and hurtful message the young freshman has a few words she hopes that person hears.

"You live in a world where you were going to encounter people you might not like. You are allowed to have your values and opinions, but it's another thing to go and purposefully hurt someone," said Vann.

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