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Police Name Robbery Suspect Shot Dead By Levittown Pharmacy Employee

LEVITTOWN, Pa (CBS) -- The Bucks County District Attorney's Office announced the name of the robbery suspect who was shot and killed by an employee of a Bucks County pharmacy on Friday.

They identified him as 33-year old Willie A. Bozarth of Sewell, New Jersey.

Falls Township Police Lieutenant Henry Ward said the would be robbery unfolded around 10 a.m. Friday at the newly-opened Pennsbury Pharmacy on New Falls Road, near Hood Boulevard. He says a van with two men inside pulled up to the pharmacy.

The passenger got out with a mask on his face and a shot gun in his hands.

"The owner is in the pharmacy, sees the man coming in with the shotgun and the mask, figures out what's going on. The uh, employee is armed with a handgun inside the store. Once the perpetrator points the shotgun at the owner, the owner then begins to fire, striking the actor numerous times. He's deceased inside the store."

Police said Bozarth attempted to rob the store, but an employee pulled his own handgun and shot him at close range.

He was pronounced dead a short time later.

The owner then pulled a silent alarm alerting police, who arrived two minutes later. They quickly apprehended the would be getaway driver who was still waiting outside the pharmacy for his partner.

"The get-away driver is inside the van and must not have heard the shooting, and doesn't realize that it just happened, the owner was then able to hit his armed holdup alarm and call 911 to say what happened. Our officers were on scene in under 2-minutes. They were able to surround the van out front. They took him into custody without incident."

Bozarth's next of kin have been notified.

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