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3-Year-Old Girl At Daycare Rushed To Hospital After Ingesting Crack Cocaine

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- According to Philadelphia Police, a worker at a local daycare noticed something in the mouth of a three-year-old during breakfast time Tuesday morning, but it was not breakfast.

Police say a worker at the Works Of Learning Early Daycare on Haverford Avenue noticed the toddler chewing on something, but no food was yet served.

Authorities say the worker saw a small bag in the girl's mouth with a white-colored residue. Police say the staffer recognized the substance and her instincts activated.

The worker called the child's parents and drove the girl to CHOP herself to waste no time, fearing the toddler may have ingested the drug.

Police say traces of crack were found in the three-year-old's system, so CHOP kept her for observation.

Lt. John Walker of Philadelphia Police says, "Obviously they are shocked when they get the phone call, anyone would be. They are with the child now and detectives are down there talking. The kid is in good spirits and the parents are aware of what happened, but obviously are not happy about what happened and are still trying to figure it out themselves."

So far, police do not think the girl found the drug inside the daycare. Southwest Detectives and DHS are investigating.



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