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Police: Building Engineer Brought Numerous Weapons To Philadelphia School, Prompting Lockdown

By Walt Hunter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Police say a Philadelphia building engineer at Lincoln High School who had been evicted from his home and was distraught and angry apparently drove to work, leaving two rifles, two handguns and ammo inside his car.

School officials who found the small arsenal and feared the worst placed the school on lockdown, worried about potential violence.

As police swept the school on Monday, carefully checking with K-9 units for additional weapons or explosives, the engineer was reportedly taken into custody and committed to Friends Hospital, a local mental facility, without incident.

The search did not uncover any dangerous items, and police say that the engineer never threatened to harm anyone inside the school.

Inside the engineer's home, police say additional rifles, handguns, knives and a bow and arrow were found. All of the weapons appear to have been legally purchased by the engineer, who hunts and collects guns.

Still, to neighbors and parents who learned those weapons were in the hands of a supposedly distraught man, the incident is frightening.

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