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Police Advise Residents Of Reported Utility Phone Scam In Cape May County

MIDDLE TOWNSHIP, N.J., (CBS) -- The Middle Township Police Department says they have been receiving complaints from business owners about a telephone scam.

According to police, the victims reported receiving a call from a male who allegedly told them that they are behind on their electric bill and a technician is on the way to turn the electric off.

Police say the male had the correct Atlantic City Electric account numbers and supplied call back numbers of 866-978-6269 and 209-487-0732.

This number is reportedly answered by a male and gives a greeting of "Atlantic City Electric how can I help you". Police say the male then reportedly insists on getting payment through a prepaid visa card.

Police advise to be wary of anyone who calls you and insists on making payment immediately. If during business hours, police say look the number up yourself and call the company back and do not call a number that is supplied to you. If you receive a suspicious call, police say don't be afraid to just hang up on them.


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