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Pit Bull Attacks Fuel Outrage In Mt. Airy Neighborhood

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Pit bull attacks in a West Mt. Airy neighborhood has residents running out of patients.

Residents claim a neighbor's two pit bulls bit three people and four dogs in unprovoked attacks on the victim's property.

Residents say the most recent attack, on February 11, fueled them to mobilize fearing the next victim could be a child. According to residents after this attack, the owner was spotted unleashing the dogs in a shared back alley way.

Despite numerous attacks, residents say authorities as well as the dog's owners have failed to take action. Residents say this is in violation of a citation issued by the Animal Care and Control Team last year requiring the dogs be on leashes and muzzled.

On Tuesday the group will hold a community meeting about the inaction at the Germantown Home-New Courtland TR room.

Residents say they are frustrated by inaction from authorities to enforce the law despite following recommendations to document incidents and contact the police and ACCT. The police and ACCT, on the other hand, say they are powerless.

"We are seeking a police officer or Sargent willing to file a complaint before a district judge so that the victims and neighbors may present their testimony before a judge/magistrate, providing evidence that this homeowner harbors dangerous dogs," says resident Michelle Nashleanas, whose dog was bitten in 2013.

On Thursday night, Police Commissioner Richard Ross visited Mt. Airy, and after hearing the stories, vowed action, according to residents.

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