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Rescued pig "Snoop Hogg" is on the hunt for a forever home

Rescued turned office pet pig "Snoop Hogg" is looking for a forever home
Rescued turned office pet pig "Snoop Hogg" is looking for a forever home 01:17

BREINIGSVILLE, Pa. (CBS) -- A pig, rescued by a Lehigh County sanctuary, is taking social media by storm in his search for a forever home.

About a month ago, The Sanctuary at Haafsville rescued "Snoop Hogg" while taking dogs from an overcrowded Philadelphia shelter. The team said Snoop was originally found wandering around the city and was believed to be used as bait for dog fighting rings.

**Available for adoption** Snoop Hogg was found wandering the streets of Philly and when he was brought to ACCT there...

Posted by The Sanctuary at Haafsville on Monday, November 20, 2023

"When I was down there, looking at some dogs, I saw the pig there and was hoping another rescue would probably step up, because we're not really equipped for pigs here," Sanctuary dog care manager Jayne-Anne Bissell said. "Nobody was stepping up for him, because all the pig rescues are also full, so I think, it was the third time I went down and I decided to go ahead and pull him."

When he arrived in the Lehigh Valley, Snoop Hogg was in bad shape with mange and eye issues. Once the Iron Pigs learned about the pig, they donated to cover the entirety of his vet bills. Snoop Hogg is now the office pet.

We wanted to give a huge shout out to The Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs. They heard about our buddy Snoop Hogg and decided to...

Posted by The Sanctuary at Haafsville on Monday, November 27, 2023

"By the time we leave it, I leave, you know, 9:30 at night he's ready for bed. He climbs in his bed under his blankets," Bissell said with a laugh.

The sanctuary said people have been coming nonstop to see the Lehigh Valley celebrity, but he has yet to find a family.

"The ideal family for him -- he is very connected to people. He loves people. We're not looking for just an outdoor home for him. He's not really like a farm pig, but he does love to be outside, so probably the little bit of the best of both worlds. If he could sleep in the house at night and be with the family, but during the day a big fence yard, or even a barn," Bissell said of the ideal family for the pig.

A warning, he may be little now, but he is expected to grow to be about 100 pounds. Bissell also wants a potential family to know he is a commitment.

Bissell added, "Pigs can be difficult, but they also can be very smart and loving, and they're very clean animals, but know what you're getting into, and we would want him to be part of the family, and we wanted him to be loved and cared for."

For those wanting to adopt Snoop Hogg, the sanctuary has an application on its website.

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