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Next Snowstorm, Put Down The Shovel And Pick Up Your Smartphone

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- It's the first day of winter: you know what's on the way. But when that first real snowstorm of the season hits, put down the shovel and pick up your smartphone.

The on-demand snowplowing (and, in the warmer months, general landscaping) app is called Eden.

"It helps people who don't want to get out there and shovel their snow," said company founder Ben Zlotnick.

Maybe for health reasons, or you just don't have time.

"With a couple clicks of the button, they can have a qualified contractor come to their property and service it accordingly," he said.

There are no surprise charges: your quote comes as soon as you tap in the size of the space to be snowplowed.

"For a two-car driveway, you'd be looking at $40, which is fair trade."

Just like Uber, your job request goes out to nearby contractors; the first to accept gives you an ETA.

When the crew is finished, they snap photos of their work and send them to you through Eden -- whether you're hunkered down at home, stuck at work, or are a Florida snowbird.

The iPhone and Android app offers a 10 percent off coupon at

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