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PHL: One Of The Worst Airports In The Country?

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Despite noting its free Wi-Fi, "decent variety of restaurants" and even available sleep suites, Philadelphia International Airport has been ranked one of the worst in the country.

Coming in at six in a list of 10 compiled by website, PHL was called out for its long security lines and "not-so-pleasant" staff.

"Both security and passport control are as slow as molasses," one traveler reportedly wrote. "Seriously, a Boeing 777 just landed and only 4 or 5 lines open for passport control."

Another reason for PHL's dubious honor? "Philadelphia happens to be subject to its fair share of winter storms," SleepinginAirports notes.

Still, we shouldn't feel that bad about our city's flight facility. All three of the New York City area airports made the list. LaGuardia came in first place, Newark ranked fourth and JFK came in fifth.

According to the company, the list was compiled by travelers, who were asked to rate numerous airports according to the four Cs: comfort, convenience, cleanliness and customer service.

And if you're interested to see which foreign airports are the worst of the worst, you can consult SleepinginAirports' regional lists or the overall rankings. The worst place to fly into or out of in the world? Pakistan's Islamabad Benazir Bhutto International Airport.

Do you agree that PHL is one of the country's worst airports? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page.

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