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Philly Zoo Partners With St. Christopher's Hospital To Offer Nursing Suite To Moms Visiting Zoo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The Philadelphia Zoo and St. Christopher's Hospital for Children are partnering to offer a nursing station for human mothers.

The mother's nursing suite is more of a booth. It's a place where women can go and nurse or pump in a clean and private place.

It has an electrical outlet, a mirror, a shelf and places to sit. When you lock the door an "in-use" message appears.

nursing suite zoo 2
(credit: John McDevitt)

And word travels fast. Chrissy McConnell used the suite shortly after the ribbon cutting event.

"All you want to do is just make what your baby needs."

McDevitt: 'What does something like this do for you?'

"It lifts you up. It gives you a private place to pump and you don't feel like you are intruding on anyone. You don't feel like someone is going to walk in on you. It's just nice to have the privacy."

She says she would like to see more public places have the private places to nurse and pump.

The nursing suite is situated in the lobby of the Rare Animal Conservation Center at the zoo.

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