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Eagles Faithful Get Inked At 20th Annual Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention: 'I Love It'

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Dedicated Eagles fans were among the crowd at the 20th annual Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention this weekend.

If there was ever a time to get an Eagles tattoo, this would probably be it.



"I like doing sports portraits, especially Philly teams," said Artist Michael DiGiacomo.

He says he's reserving several hours for Jack Benard who was preparing to get a special tattoo of a newly inducted member of the NFL Hall of Fame.

"Brian Dawkins coming out of the tunnel," he said. "A little smoke behind him."

Down on the other end of the aisle Dennis Hannan of Conshohocken was getting a tattoo just like Eagles' quarterback Carson Wentz.

"His 'Audience of One' tattoo that he has tattooed on his wrist as well," he said. "I donate to his foundation so I think it's a good cause."

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Hannan says he was very pleased with the result.

"I love it he did a great job," he said.

There was even an out-of-town artist who refused to do Eagles tattoos. It turns out he likes that team from Dallas.

"I'm a Cowboys fan," he said.

Reporter: So you deny their requests?

"Deny all their request," he said.

Reporter: But, you are eating a cheese steak?

"Yeah, I gotta eat a cheese steak though," he said. "I can't not have that."

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