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Police Urge Fans To Have Game Plan For Super Bowl Partying

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Many in the region will be watching the Super Bowl with friends and family on Sunday, and many will have a few drinks. Several organizations are warning about the dangers of impaired driving and are asking football fans to be responsible.

Going out on Sunday? Don't fly by the seat of your green pants. Philadelphia Police Captain Patrick Kelly wants everyone to be prepared.

"Just like a football game, you want to have a game plan before you even go out," Kelly said. "If you're planning a party, start a game plan now on how your guests are going to get there. How will they get home? Are they gonna stay the night?"

Ride sharing services will be pretty busy. Uber spokesman Craig Ewer says there will likely be surge pricing after the game as people try to get home.

"Open the app, plug in where you want to go and that will give you a price up front," Ewer said. "That will allow you to decide if you need to request the right at that moment or can I wait a little bit until things have balanced out."

PennDOT says every year there is a spike in DUI accidents. Officials say getting the word out now will hopefully save some lives.

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