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Exhibit To Feature Snapshots Taken On "Philly Photo Day" Across The City

By Hadas Kuznits 

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Friday was "Philly Photo Day 2015."

Sarah Stolfa, executive director of the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center says on October 9th, folks all over Philadelphia were encouraged to submit a snapshot of their day.

"Every single photograph that we receive becomes part of a giant exhibition highlighting the region on that particular day," said Stolfa.

Stolfa says people send all kinds of photos.

"I really love seeing the everyday, kinda, what could be considered mundane moments," said Stolfa.

If you didn't snap a photo, there's still time to see the exhibit next month at the Crane Arts building in Kensington.

"The exhibit opens on Thursday, November 12th and every single photograph that we get for Philly Photo Day 2015 will be exhibited," said Stolfa.

If you happen to have snapped a photo on October 9th and you'd like for it to be included:

"Submission closes at the end of the day on the 14th; so we give people five days to submit," said Stolfa.

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