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Philly Org. Helps Student Athletes Achieve Dreams Through Free Workouts, SAT Prep

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)--Inner city student athletes often times lack the resources necessary to take the leap from high school to college. Jackson Duncan is trying to change that with Focused Athletics.

"Getting a college scholarship is tough enough," says Duncan, "let alone you have your SAT's, your professional development – you have to fill out your applications."

Every weekend, Focused Athletics gathers at Crossfit University City and pushes its students to reach their full potential by providing a free workout and an SAT prep course – and it all comes through help from the community.

"We have so many great people that have come forward to give us what we need. To be a tutor, to be a strength coach, to be a mentor, to help a kid with a college essay, to donations," Duncan says.

In addition, the program is catered by local restaurants like Farmer's Keep in Center City.

Jackson and crew have helped countless players achieve their dream of playing in college, including linebacker Casey Williams who received a scholarship to Temple.

"I think (Jackson) he's a father figure to me. And all these guys. Most of these guys here are going through problems at home, but when we come here, it's like paradise," Williams said. "I love being in this gym because it takes my mind off of everything"

Other students, like Fritz-Kelly Edmond, are following in Casey's footsteps by utilizing all that Focused has to offer.

"I come here, I work my tail off, didn't miss a single workout. I took my SATs, got a high score and then I got scholarship after scholarship, and now I have the most college acceptances out of my senior class," said Edmond.

Same with one of the top offensive lineman in the state, Imhotep's Justin Johnson.

"So being here with coach Jackson getting SAT prep and all kinds of stuff like that, academically it is beneficial," Johnson says. "So I believe it is a good asset because if you don't have the academics you can't get a D-1 scholarship, or any scholarship for that matter."

What started with two or three kids has grown exponentially with focused helping kids get to schools like Temple, Maine, University of Massachusetts , and others.

The program is more than just football, the students are receiving academic resources, plus a network of partners that offer job opportunities and internships in their fields of interest.

To learn more about Focused Athletics CLICK HERE.

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