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Philly Non-Profit Is Helping People Get Back Into The Workforce

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- At the corner of Fashion and Philanthropy sits Career Wardrobe, a non-profit dedicated to helping people enter and re-enter the work force.

"When I came here, basically all I had was scrubs and sweats," said event attendee Carolyn Day-Jamison. "I had no clothing really, professional clothing, for the type of work I want to do, and they helped me."

Day-Jamison and more than a dozen other unemployed women stopped by Career Wardrobe for their Work It! event, where they received professional outfits, a makeover and a head shot.

"I was able to get three uniforms, shirts, pants, tops, and shoes," she said. "It was a Godsend."

She says she is excited to get back out in the workforce and Career Wardrobe is helping her move in the right direction.

"If you look good, you feel good, you project that positive energy and this is what they help you do here," she said.

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Career Wardrobe supplies participants with more than just a makeover and new outfits.

The program also works to equip attendees with the tools they need to interview and get a job.

"Work It! is all about creating a professional identity both online and in person, so this morning we had two experts speak on networking, and how to utilize LinkedIn and optimize that for our clients," Jackie Schrauger program director with Career Wardrobe explains." And then they'll work one-on-one with a volunteer to optimize their LinkedIn profile and to practice their networking skills."

Day-Jamison says she's leaving today's days program, better equip to find gainful employment.

"We've had some interesting speakers, building our self-esteem, teaching us how to use LinkedIn and hopefully making some connections," she said.

She adds that Career Wardrobe has been a blessing for her, and she cannot wait to pay it forward. "I have some things I'm going to donate to help the next woman along."

Many of the events attendees say the work shop is just what they need to find gainful employment.

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