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Philly Joins World In Song As Part Of 'I Can't Keep Quiet Day'

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A peaceful flash mob gathered Saturday at the main branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia to express their opposition to the current administration through a song called, "I Can't Keep Quiet."

Folks gathered all over the world for "I Can't Keep Quiet Day." Over 100 people participated in Philadelphia at the Free Library.

"This action is a not-so-secret flash mob to perform a song called 'I Can't Keep Quiet' by an artist called MILCK," said co-organizer Beth Finn. And then in cities all over the country, people are doing flash mobs to sing this song."

Finn says a video of singers performing the song at the Women's March on Washington went viral, transforming it into a women's anthem.

"So many things are going on in the world today that people are unhappy about and especially in our own country that we can't keep quiet any longer," she said.

Finn says the main message is...

"That we are here, that we have a voice that needs to be heard and we will be heard."

Click here to watch a video of the full pop-up performance of the song in Philadelphia.

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