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Philly Community Rattled After 2-Year-Old Boy Mauled To Death By Pit Bulls

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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A Port Richmond neighborhood is struggling to come to grips with a tragic loss after a toddler is mauled to death by pit bulls.

"I just haven't got to sleep yet. It's just going in circles in my head," said Jason Rash.

For Rash, he says the horrors of watching multiple pit bulls attack and kill a 2-year old-boy still resonates in his mind.

"I cried for like four hours. I cried at the station, talking with the cop, with the detectives," said Rash.

Police: 2-Year-Old Boy Dies After Being Attacked By Pit Bulls Inside Port Richmond Home

Rash went inside a home on the 3000 block of Agate Street. He says it was on the first floor where he tried to help the toddler's aunt protect him from up to six pit bulls.

boy dies pit bulls
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"She had the baby covered and I was trying to tell her to throw the baby to me or do something and stand up and lift the baby but there was no way for her to even try to do that," Rash said.

Neighbors outside tried to help.

"I opened up the door and this pit bull is the only one I saw. [It] lunged from like the middle back of the room at me and I slammed the door shut," said Christina Bledsoe.

Jennifer Tart says many neighbors tried to assist.

"I tried to ask my friend for his gun and he wouldn't give it to me," said one person.

Philadelphia police arrived and shot three of the dogs.

Detectives returned to the house Thursday and knocked on the door. No one was home.

Neighbors say there's not much furniture inside.

"There's nothing in there, just dog cages," said Tart.

"It was horrible knowing because I'm a mother, she's a mother and knowing that there's nothing that you can do but watch this happen," Bledsoe said.

It's still unclear who the boy's parents are and if they will face any charges.

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