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Philadelphia Columnist Honors Bet To Eat His Words After Failed Super Bowl Prediction

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A Super Bowl bet left one Philadelphia columnist literally eating his words Tuesday.

Before the Birds' big Super Bowl win, Stu Bykofsky, a Philadelphia Daily News columnist, wrote a prediction that the Philadelphia Eagles would lose to the New England Patriots but added, if they won, he would eat that column.

On Tuesday afternoon, Bykofsky honored the bet and ate his words.

"The words were almost as sweet when I taste them, as when I read them myself," he said.

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However, Bykofsky says his insatiable appetite ran into a problem.

"The column is not enough to make a meal," he said.

To fix that problem, Bykofsky used part of his column as sprinkles on top of a tub of gelato, and the other part he lathered in olive oil and ate on a Wawa hoagie.

Stu Bykofsky eats his words
Credit: Justin Udo

"I tell you the pistachio gelato is really sensational," he said.

Some reporters stand by their word, but Bykofsky takes his to heart, or, better, yet his stomach.

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