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Philly Breaks Out Brooms, Paintbrushes For Annual Spring Clean Up

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Thousands turned out for the 9th annual Philly Spring Clean Up on Saturday.

One of the clean up sites was a small park at 28th and Diamond Streets in the Strawberry Mansion section of the city. Trash was being picked up, flowers were being planted, and benches were painted. Tonnetta Graham had her paintbrush in hand.

"It's a beautiful day, a couple of hours out of your day," she said. "This is not only for today, but any Saturday people can come out, sweep your front, pick up your trash. I think it will make the neighborhood much better if we would just pick up those good habits."

Tyrone Williams is the community liaison of the Strawberry Mansion neighborhood action center.

"When you have a clean environment, people's mental Psyche is different, crime is lowered," Williams said. "Children are playing, people are looking at flowers that are blooming. These things bring warmness, and that's what we have going on in Strawberry Mansion today."

The city-wide beautification project was postponed from last weekend due to inclement weather.

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