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Philly Police Questioning Authenticity Of Video Showing Driver Running Down Cyclist

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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Philadelphia police say they are still working to determine the authenticity of a video showing a driver intentionally running down a cyclist.

"At this point, we're not sure if this video is authentic," said Lt. John Walker during a press conference on Monday night.

The incident in question apparently happened in the 5200 block of Florence Avenue.


Walker says he's concerned because in the video the bicyclist has no visible hands coming from the jacket sleeves. An indication the video might be doctored.

"The person riding the bike, yes he's peddling, but if you look at the arms and the head, they aren't moving, the arms aren't moving. And just before the vehicle strikes the individual, he falls back onto the car, but the arms-- you don't see any hands on the arms-- and the video again cuts off," Walker said.

Philly Police Questioning Authenticity Of Video Showing Driver Running Down Cyclist
Credit: @BenjiFromPhilly

"If it is a prank police let us know. If it's not and there's someone injured out there, we also need to know that," Walker added.

Neighbors who live where this incident or stunt took place say many people have jackets hanging off shoulders and hands are not always visible.

"It seemed like the car kept moving so it's not funny. Really not funny!" said Rick Nelson

Authorities say no one has come forward as an injured victim even to a hospital. Thats why detectives believe its possible this was a stunt. Real or fake philly bicyclist Turner Topping is disgusted by the video.

"Its not something to joke around with," said Topping. "Anything that takes away from efforts being made to keep us safe on bikes, I think is a bad thing," said Topping.

Over the weekend a bicyclist working for Caviar, a food delivery service, was killed while riding his bike on Spring Garden street. Another reason posting this video is not funny.

"People have to understand anything you post on social media pay attention to what can happen as a result of it. It could have been a bad prank but we are spending resources on this and thats other time we can be using doing other things that can help people," said Walker.

Police are looking to get in touch with the person who posted this video and more importantly they want to talk to the person on the bike if that person was really hit.

Anyone with any information is asked to call police at 215-686-TIPS, or you can submit information anonymously by CLICKING HERE.

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