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'Have To Remember Social Distancing, Need To Protect Our Families': Phillies Manager Joe Girardi Has Message For Fans Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)- The spread of the coronavirus has caused most professional sports organizations to pause, suspend or cancel their seasons. In the case of the Philadelphia Phillies and major league baseball, it's a suspension with a start date for the year to be determined.

The Phillies new manager Joe Girardi knows that fans are likely feeling a bit down and disappointed, so he took to the team's Twitter account Monday to send a message to fans. In the video, Girardi empathizes with fans' disappointment but urges fans to stay strong and protect their families.

"We need to stay strong as a Philly fan base. We have to reach out and help each other. We have to remember social distancing but we need to protect our families at a very difficult time in our country," said Girardi. "I know you're sad, I'm sad too. I miss this great game of baseball. But as I said, this is a time that we can pull together. That we can protect our families. That we can love our families. We can do things together as a family."

Girardi then listed some of the games that he and his family are enjoying in this time of social distancing, specifically mentioning the card game "Garbage" and saying he rebounds for his daughter while she shoots hoops in the backyard.

The Phils manager then closed the message urging fans to help those feeling isolated in these times.

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