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Phillies Gear Up For Spring Training

By Mike DeNardo

Philadelphia (CBS) – Need a harbinger of spring on a cold, snowy day? The Phillies supply truck is leaving for Clearwater Sunday.

For many Phillies fans, the first vision of spring is a 53-foot truck leaving Citizens Bank, bound for sunny Clearwater. Phillies Equipment Manager Dan O'Rourke (photo) says the truck is loaded with everything a big-league team needs except for the players.

"Bats and balls, uniforms, hats, gloves, we have shoes, shower shoes, T-shirts, underwear, jocks, golf clubs, bicycles, seeds, and a liquid to get the pine tar out of the uniforms. We basically just pick up everything here from Philadelphia and take it to Clearwater."

O'Rourke says the truck is expected to be unloaded at Bright House Field Tuesday morning, with equipment sorted and in the locker rooms the next day.

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